Wednesday, May 4, 2011

our first 2011 wedding in Dubrovnik- Marie-Therese & James

Last October Marie and James were traveling and read about us in an in-flight magazine, when they decided to contact us about planning their special day in April in Dubrovnik. after a few emails and a couple of phonecalls they informed us we will have the honor of being their chosen wedding planners. we were absolutely thrilled. and the story began....

It was an intimate gathering of their closest ones- they said it would be an either extremely large or extremely small wedding so decided to do a family affair in Dubrovnik with an after party in England.
Marie-Therese was getting ready in a beautiful apartment in Old Town, overlooking the church where should would say her wovs in a few hours time. Yes, you could tell she was a bit nervous, but hey, every Bride is and with her it was sort of cute as well as she really is an adorable lovely girl who stayed really kind every second of her big day, while being a Bride having every right to go a bit crazy :)
Flowers arrived just in time and Marie-Therese loved them, a perfect combination of whites, creams, and blues and a hint of a sweet peas as well. They suited her just ideally, same as her wedding dress and her incredibly stunning funky blue shoes.
Hair and makeup girls did their magic, though Marie Therese really didnt need much of it being truly naturally beautiful. Finally her Mother pinned her veil onto her amazingly styled hair and she was ready to meet her husband to be...

James was already with Veronica, the photographer at that time, with his brothers and parents and one of his brother's fiance who I am sure thought at least for a second how will she ever beat this Dubrovnik wedding magic :)
James is a graphic designer, a really cool guy who is genuinely nice, funny and calm in the same time. a fantastic combination, and they truly do match each other perfectly. James' mother prepared them a wedding cake she brought all the way from Ireland and when we took some pictures and placed cake at the restaurant's safe fridge it was time to slowly start gathering at the church, as the ceremony was scheduled to be at 1500hrs.
As the time passed, the anticipation rose as violin and piano played selected tunes of Marie-Therese and James, who had a very extensive and specific music requirements for the church music, carefully selected by their professional family friend who is a musician.
Just when Marie-Therese stepped in front of the church, greeted and cheered by dozens of tourists walking the streets of Dubrovnik, the moment was at its peak. James was ready, along with their guests to gaze at his Bride and marry her at last.
When first tunes of Pachebel's Canon in D played, I am sure I saw a tear in the eye of my First 2011 Bride, and I knew it is perfect time for her walk down the aisle, with her father giving her away.

If you ask me this is my very favorite part of every wedding and it never fails me , the emotions are at their peak and the wedding too, really starts her in its formal but such warm and personal way.
Marie-Therese & James exchanged their vows, rings, as well as silver coins and the priest read out the Pope's blessign they got a couple of weeks prior to the wedding. The ceremony was just perfect- intimate, emotional, funny at moments and entirely personal. It truly was one of the most memorable and beautiful ceremonies we had the honor of coordinating and attending.
After the church ceremony we took the guests for drinks at a nearby bar when the couple went with the photographer for a small photo session around Dubrovnik's Old Town after which they joined their guests for a few drinks and nibbles too. Look at the tractor Marie-Therese just fell in love with during her walk and out of pure joke they made it happen and captured for good- when is the last time you saw a Bride on a tractor? :)

The wedding party of Marie-Therese and James continued with a fabulous dinner at Gil's Cuisine and Pop Lounge ( ). They loved every second of the pampering at this very special place where truly all of your senses will be overwhelmed. in a positive way of course.
It has truly been a pleasure planning, organizing and coordinating their wedding, and we can only thank Marie-Therese and James for honoring us with having a part in their special day.

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Happy planning!

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