Monday, May 16, 2011

Emma & Alan's Wedding- a perfect wedding story in Dubrovnik

Interestingly enough, Emma, our Bridal star of this story, first contacted me on my 30th birthday and just a bit less than a year before her big day. She said she wanted nice venues, with old style touch but modern approach, good food and wine and great time for their family and friends. Having said she read great reviews of Dubrovnik Event, the pressure was even greater to find perfectly suitable venues...

Almost a year later....
We met a few days before the wedding for the pre-wedding meeting and to finalize every detail. Emma was a bit nervous as the weather wasn't too good the day they arrived but Alan's calm spirit and our detailed wedding chit chat have made Emma her old self- positive, perky and cheerful person, very much looking forward to her wedding! It was great getting to know them after a whole year of wedding planning without ever meeting in person!

When I came up to her bridal suite in Hotel Excelsior a couple of hours before the ceremony time, Emma's hair and makeup were done and she was breezing though the suite like a fairy. She was beautifully calm and happy.
It was a perfect day.
Just when I expected her to start putting her dress on, room service knocked on the suite doors and the waiter came in with what looked like a dozen sandwiches!
I always stress out the importance of breakfast for the wedding day as due to excitement and adrenaline, lack of food can never be good, but this was a (positive) shock even for me. This meant the whole wedding party was laid back and in a very good mood. Champagne was flowing and the ambiance was fantastic, and I really look forward to seeing some cool photos from this part of the wedding!
Shortly afterwards, time has come to go to the Old town and meet her husband to be.

Meantime, Alan and his groomsmen party were already gathering at the Sponza Palace. Piano and cello were playing their selected tunes while the whole wedding party awaited for the Bride's entrance.

Emma and Alan got married in one of Dubrovnik's trademarks- the fabulous medieval Sponza Palace. This choise was only logical as it was everything you want from your wedding ceremony venue- it is celebratory, monumental, grand and absolutely stunning.

When we had everyone seated, right at the church's bell tower rang 15:30hrs, the Nessum Dorma started playing and we let it play for a few seconds before we opened the doors for Sarah, Emma's sister to walk down the aisle before Emma and Jack, her father who proudly took her down the aisle a couple of minutes later.
The ceremony was perfect- personalized with a couple of readings and marked by some laughter of Emma and Alan. It was amazing looking at them so laid back, being pronounced husband and wife- at last!
While enjoying a glass of fizzy and laughing out loud chilled and relaxed, they took formal shots of family, friends and colleagues and a group shot too- always a lot of fun, followed by some famous Dubrovnik ice cream in the Old town harbour after which a cocktail reception followed on the paniramic boat cruise. As Emma put it, the sea was a bit choppy but hey everyone is still raving about how much fun they had and they would never change a bit. Cocktail and canapes were served on the boat and then the wedding party strolled through the old town city walls to the restaurant terrace of Hotel Excelsior for yet another few drinks and wedding dinner.
Atmosphere was fantastic, and it didn't rain just until we reached the hotel which was a good sign as all plans of the big day were laying out perfectly. After everyone was seated, short but excellent speeches were held and it was time for dinner.

Chicken canelloni everyone is still talking about , followed by option of either  fabulously cooked beefsteak or beautifully made John Dory fish fillet and nicely flowing Croatian wine told us it was time to cut the cake and serve it indorrs as it was getting dark and a bit chilly too.
The cake Emma chose was one of the most original I have ever seen and the hotel made a perfect replica of the picture sent.
We slowly moved indoors where the party started with Emma and Alan's first dance and some partying till morning hours... It truly was a perfect Dubrovnik wedding, set off by a perfect wedding couple, happy, laid back and married to live happily ever after....
Thank you Emma and Alan, for the trust you have put into Dubrovnik Event and our wedding planning skills without knowing us or meeting us before the wedding week. We are honored that we had the pleasure of taking part in your special day. Wishing you days full of joy....

To the rest of you- happy planning :)

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