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Elopement weddings in Dubrovnik

KARINA & LOU, from the US, married 2010 in Dubrovnik
There is something about small weddings. Especially the elopement ones, with only the Bride and Groom, eloping in their love somewhere new or somewhere special to them, without any hassle a traditional wedding would embrace and with all the romance of a wedding indeed.
For some reason, every single of our weddings seasons so far has started with an elopement wedding. It is a best way to start a very busy season to be and such a romantic introduction to months of love ahead of us. 

Vildan & Dagny, from Sweden, married May 15th 2009 in Dubrovnik.... 

Sonia & Benoit, from Canada
Jessica & Raoul, from India, married 2009 in Dubrovnik
Nina & Asbjorn, from Norway, married May 2011

Sarah and Bryan, married April 12, 2012 in Dubrovnik. Just the two of them..... 
Most of the time Marin and myself are honored to be the witnesses for the couple and witness such amazing moments you cannot feel but blessed in those times. Yet again, do you feel lonely at a time when you feel the closest ones need to be next to you? 
I really believe it is like beauty, in the eye of a beholder and whatever suits one best. Some like it big, some not so much. And some like it this way- easy, romantic, natural. No guests to think about, no reception thoughts or menu choices. Just getting married to a person you love. 
Dubrovnik luckily enough has some amazing locations for elopement weddings - small seaside forts, amazing viewpoint terraces and incredibly romantic boats... just to name a few.

Davor & Ivana, married May 2010
Nastasja & Anatoliy, from Russia, married August 2006
Caragh & Darryl, from Australia, married September 2012
Kisha and Kamau, from the US. a surprise wedding organized by the Groom. June 2011.
Bracera Lady of the Seas, presented to us only recently and absolutely perfect for weddings up to 10 people.

Obviously prices of venue rentals are less expensive than those for larger weddings and this proves to be one of the first reasons why a lot of couples elope to Dubrovnik- reduced cost and the value of the money gotten for how much you spend. The cost is reduced to a couple of thousands including travels and accommodation compared to tens of thousands to marry on a larger scale.
Then there's a thought that you will spend less time on the whole wedding planning process, which to tell you the truth is a great misconception as you have to plan to buy your dress, the rings, the travel, the hotel, paperwork, flowers, venues, and it often happens that Brides spend more time wedding planning, researching and inspiriation seeking for smaller than for larger weddings to make up for the "smaller scale wedding". There are no however seating planning miseries and choosing bridesmaids, which can prove to be quite a challenging task when planning a wedding.
Finally, one of the greatest reasons couples come to marry alone abroad is the fact they avoid any family arguments, pleasing everyone and anyone and obssessing over who will think what and this is proven to be a greatest stress factor for most couples planning their wedding. 
Elopement wedding solves all of these, nonetheless you end up most of the time throwing at least a party back home to celebrate the union. Much less of a scale than a traditional wedding though.

The choice is all yours and good news is that Dubrovnik has it all- whichever size or ambiance you had in mind and we will truly be there for you every step along the way, whether we are honored to witness your eternal love getting crowned in marriage or in a party with a big bang. A wedding is a wedding, always one of a kind, always a reflection of the couple. Do what you two feel best to do. And if it is just the two of you- why not?

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Weddings in Dubrovnik Season 2012

Well, another year gone by. Wedding season wise at least. And every end of wedding season I think this has been my best and favorite year so far. And then I remember the previous ones, start smiling at the thoughts of amazing people I met and their most special moments I had the honor of sharing with them. Every year is so special and brings new friends into my life. Enriches my life in new ways. Fullfills my life in new dimensions. So I always look forward what the next one will bring.
This post is just an acknowledgment of another year gone by, a beautiful year I will never forget- for all the people that have walked through it with me and all the moments I lived thru.
So much of the words. This one is a photo blog. My fav of 2012 Dubrovnik Weddings by Dubrovnik Event. Hope it inspires you as it has inspired me.

Sarah & Bryan, from Scotland, our first 2012 wedding, that took place on April 12th , the only sunny day that week. The two of them eloped to get married and Marin and myself were their witnesses. It truly was a special day and we will never forget them. One of my fav bouquets of the year too!
You know how weddings are mostly about Brides and getting ready for the big day. And that's how it should be. But this photo is so much about the groom getting ready. One of my fav photos of all times. Ejiro with his brother before heading to the church to marry the love of his life, Kekuut.

Beach weddings, actually so rare, but so beautiful. Usually done in off season, like this one, end of April, a gorgeous day, 30 degrees and 15 happy Irish to celebrate. Niamh and Grahame are amazing people, and their wedding was super cool. Just look at the fabulous green wedding dress! 
One of those happy moments you never forget, surrounded by your loved ones, just minutes after you were pronounced husband and wife. Another thing to mention about Jonathan who got married to lovely Jennifer on the photo here is that he had a lot of fun on his jet ski stag party the day before the wedding, that early May day, crashing a brand new jet ski, thankfully nobody got hurt, only a hefty check to cover the damage. But Jonathan says it was well worth it :)
I just love kids at weddings. I think they add that special cheer and soul to the day.  Just keep them occupied, that's the key :) . This particular lovely lady called Ava was actually in charge of the sun that came out that day after torrential rain that came down in the morning as she broke the CHild of Prague figure by accident. The legend says you need to put the child of Prague outside to call for good weather but it can only happen if it is broken by accident. That's exactly what happened when Ava played with it. Unbelievably enough, 30 minutes after that the black clouds were replaced by clear blue skies and beautiful sun that kept on shining all day. Here is a legent I started to believe in. Well done Ava!

Amanda and Barry, one of my favorite couples of all times. Natural, easygoing, beautiful, laid back and  trustworthy.  Loved the moment they took in time to observe their guests enjoying the seating and mingling. With best mojito in town in their hands. It truly was a fantastic wedding. Each wedding is a reflection of the Bride and Groom's attitude, and that is a fact.
Tina & Bart, a fabulous couple we really enjoyed planning a wedding with. Their 3 day  Indian celebrations were a weekend to remember for everyone, including the whole of our team. Tina is Indian, Bart is Dutch and they live in London. And their wedding weekend had segments of all three cultures. It was truly beautiful.
This photo describes Beth, the bride in it so well. Those who know her would  know what I want to say. Anyhow,  I loved this beautiful completely relaxed couple and everything about their wedding. Islands tell a special story. 
Wedding of Kerry and James was so well thought through and enriched with so many details that even I  got new ideas out of it. And their story is just so special, it truly was an honor being there with them on their wedding Day.
I have never seen love so pure and so deep like with Sylvie and Guy. I wish to be so in love and so happy at the age of 60. This particular wedding, shared only with their kids from their previous marriages reminded me of just how much I love what I do. The wedding took place on a date they first met, 20 years after they first met, spent half of their lives with wrong people and then reunited in true love...
This was by far the largest destination wedding in Croatia of all times. 300 people 3 day, 9 event  Indian wedding. Loved every moment of it and will never forget Rishi and Shilpa, two amazing people who trusted us with all their hearts to pull of what has not been pulled off yet in this area ever. 
Jon, readings his vows one more time before Katie, his bride enters the medieval palace they got married in this June.  These are the special moments I am talking about..... Captured for a lifetime.
This lovely Polish couple living in Dublin got married with their closest friends mid June and highlighted our season with their simplicity and honesty. Amazing people, amazing wedding. 
God knows Nicola and Mark went through a lot very close to their wedding with everything going on around them. Yet their spirit stayed high and positive and their wedding one of my all time favorites. They are a kind of people you want to have around in your life. 
Mariann got married to Geir on the charming island of Lopud one sunny and hot June day. I will always remember this wedding not only because it gave Marin and myself a great opportunity to spend a working weekend on a sandy beaches island but also about the amazing and incredibly visible love these two people feel for each other. 
I absolutely love this photo, captured so much a wedding is. Beautiful wedding cake just about to be cut, enchanted  child behind it waiting for it to be tried and happy smiling newlyweds in the mist of the photo. Not to mention that this Mljet island wedding, and the couple that took us on their journey with them, Nevena and Robert, gave a whole new dimension to the meaning of the words Wedding, Bride and Groom. In a most positive way you can imagine.

Now this is what I call arrival of the Bride in style, on her own speed boat, waiving at her guests with a freshly made wedding bouquet. Maria and Enrique, two amazing happy people who have been a true pleasure planning their wedding weekend with. No doubts they will stay married happily every after. 

Wedding masses. Not so much fun for the kids. Love this one. At a fabulous Irish wedding of Christine and Brendan, one of the hotest days of the year, 7th of July :) but a great date isn't it?

This is by far one of the most magical venues you can imagine in Dubrovnik. It also comes with a most magical price as you can imagine. However due to the management which is also manages a renowned hotel in Dubrovnik cancelling all the weddings in the hotel, they offered us this incredible villa as a back up when it was available. Funny thing is, all weddings held here were just perfect for the venue, so I truly believe it was meant to be. 

Wow what a wedding. Truly rustical, natural, shabby chic. Island ceremony, picnic afterwards, beers on the rustic boat taking them to another island, incredibly unique musicians, rubber duck swimming contest and much more. Loved, loved, loved it. Thanks Hannah & Olly. 

Katherine and Daniel, from New Orleans, USA, loved the idea of coming to Dubrovnik to get married with their closest ones. The wedding ended up being almost 150 guests, and soooo much fun.
You know how you always expect a Bride to be emotional so when you get a moment like this captured, it truly is special. Duane, I love you for this look. And I bet Orla does too :)

Anatoliy waiting for Tanya his Bride. Minutes before Bridal entrance is my favorite time of the wedding, this is greatest anticipation on all sides....
This was a beautiful Russian wedding that started in the morning and ended in the morning. 

How can I write a blog and not include my husband in it in some way? :) This photo was taken at a Romanian wedding of Oana and Dragos who insisted there was a Croatian flag on the ship. Marin took the role of the flag carrier. As you can see, a proud one. I should make a shirt photo out of this really. Proud to be a Croat. :) We truly did feel like guests at this wedding so thanks guys.

Lindsay with her lovely father just before the bridal entrance and before she became a wife of a  great guy named Damon. Loved every single thing about this wedding. There will definitely be a blog post about it so stay tune.

Sometimes you are just happy. Happily in love. Anna & Mark most definitely are. And so was their wedding. Another one I will tell you much more about in a blog post....

So when we say unlimited services in wedding planning, we mean it. This time I was Nuriko's bridesmaid. her dress kept struggling with the uneven floor and stone so I quickly transformed from a wedding planner to an enthusiastic bridesmaid. A bit too big to be a flower girl surely.... :)

There's more to the bride and groom getting ready. Our little family members need to do so too. And we are here for them. Ross,  the father of Scarlett, making her ready for the wedding of Mum and Dad. This was by far the most adorable flower girl with a magic wand in her hand. And she truly did add magic to the day.
Weddings in Dubrovnik. A very special couple in a very special city. Enough said..... 

Cerys and Blair, the couple with whom I laughed most I have ever had at work. There was a click between us from the first email, first phonecall. Now we are friends. This is the best job in the whole wide world.

Sean and Claire, as natural and relaxed as it gets. Will be covering it in a more extensive blog to come. Really enjoyed the wedding, a galleon ceremony and Palm terrace dinner with party till morning hours. A wedding as it should be.

So we started and finished with a wedding on the beach. Can words ever say enough?

So here it is. 2012 in photos of most of our this years weddings. Special thanks to our photographers Veronica, Rudi, Sinisa, Luko and Dino, without you we wouldn't be able to relive the moments captured in time.
Dubrovnik is such a magnificent place for a wedding. It truly has it all. As you will see on your very own Dubrovnik Wedding.
You know where to go for help. We would be honored to be by your side along the special journey. Just email me at and our tale begins.....



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Perfect Destination Wedding of Katie & Bobby & their Dubrovnik Wedding story

It took me a while to figure out how to title this blog post,as Katie and Bobby, after their wedding stayed in Dubrovnik, they live and work here now and are truly our dear friends. We go for lunches together and make house visits too, but still if you asked me objectively, this is definitely one of the most beautiful weddings I had the honor of planning, organizing and coordinating. And indeed, it was perfect....
I will let the photos tell their story too...

So, to start from the beginning, I remember when Katie first contacted me in March for a wedding in September, coming from Australia. I though to myself, wow that is a last minute booking, but Katie and Bobby, with him having family in Dubrovnik, have organized a few things on their own, so we didn't start from the very beginning.
They came for a 2 week site inspection visit in May (that happens rarely too, and I LOVED meeting them every couple of days and this made me think how I wish my Brides were closer to me so I can help them in choosing their dress and make flower samples on spot...) and we faced some challenges along the way- the venue they had booked started raising prices and changing terms and conditions and my first serious task as their potential wedding planner was to find a new venue- for 1st Saturday in September, the busiest one of all, to find an available venue that is to be beautiful and that can hold 120 people- trust me, not an easy task. But we managed, and the venue was so much more beautiful than the first one chosen (wont be telling names :) ).
Slowly, but surely, things started to shape up and their wedding vision became clearer by the hour, not by the day. Soon enough, what we laid ahead of us was a perfect destination wedding in Dubrovnik plan. And it truly was...

Katie and Bobby were a dream come true for me as a wedding planner- well organized, reasonable, warm and passionate about their wedding, completely open to ideas and suggestions, with a clear vision though, knowing it is one of the most important day of their lives, they splurged into their perfect wedding in Dubrovnik.... 
Katie arrived to Dubrovnik from Australia about 3 weeks before the wedding, on her own to finalize plans, make flower samples, taste food, wines and all the other fun bits to the final section of the wedding planning. She enjoyed local beaches and local food, and started to get to know the town a bit better, as Bobby had to stay a bit longer in Australia. A week before the wedding she flew to Las Vegas, where hen and stag parties were organized, and no photos here, but from what I heard, they had more than a blast- at moments I was worried if all of them will come back in one piece : )
During their Las Vegas party pre-wedding vacation, I had the honor and a very special task of safe guarding for Katie's wedding dress in my home. Having a 15 month old boy didn't help with the levels of stress this caused but I really felt honored about this! Don't worry, Luka was a good boy, didn't touch it and Katie got her wedding dress safe and sound : )

Day before the wedding, Katie and Booby decided to throw a cocktail party on East West Beach Club just on the entrance to the Old Town of Dubrovnik. Guests mingled and enjoyed spectacular views, excellent music, food and service and fantastic ambiance. It was a perfect get together....

The morning of the wedding finally arrived and everyone was fabulously relaxed and chilled. Girls were getting pampered in the luxurious Villa which Katie and Bobby booked for them and their friends, sipping champagne and nibbling snacks and fruits while guys were getting ready in the "Boys" mansion, the Villa just next door. Bobby's mother being from Slavonija, northern part of Croatia (where I am from originally too!), all of us are a bit obsessed with food and drink, as long as there are stuff to eat and drink everything will be just fine, so they really had a nice feast in that villa. No wonder why everyone wanted to stop by Bobby's villa before they headed to Katie's :)) - no offense girls, I loved the champagne but Bobby's Mum's delicacies were to die for! : )

The boys got ready and got transferred with limos to the Old Town, had a quick drink before entering a beautiful church of St Blaise, patron of Dubrovnik, where wedding mass was set to start at 1600hrs.

And the girls were almost ready. I brought a freshly steamed veil in the last minute, the fabulous hair stylist fixed it all and we were ready to take off! And the mood! Well I can't express it in words, but it was everything it should be- relaxed and cheery with a splash of positive adrenaline! Girls were singing "going to the chapel lady, gonna get married" all along the short journey to the Old Town and people clapped and greeted the happy bridal party. Loved it!

We showed guests to their seats and told everyone it is time to find their place as the Bride is to enter. A moment of anticipation, as it is on every wedding, my favorite....

Katie entered the church with the tunes of beautiful Pachebel's Canon in D and over 100 people bursting with emotions gleamed at her and smiled, with a rare dry eye among all of them....
Katie and Bobby lit their unity candles- one each as a sign of their individuality upon entrance and one unity candle as a sign of their unity once the priest pronounced them husband and wife.
Service was amazing- half in English and half in Croatian, just a perfect amount of both...

As guests got out of the church, a traditional local Klapa trio awaited for them in front and played in traditional costumes, on mandolins and a guitar. After photos, guests were ushered to the spectacular galleon boat for a panoramic sunset cruise, where they were served champagne and a buffet of local delicacies.

After photos, guests were ushered to the spectacular galleon boat for a panoramic sunset cruise, where they were served champagne and a buffet of local delicacies.

After the boat brought us to the Grand Villa Argentina, where the wedding reception was to take place, amazing canapes were served along with cocktails and the crowd got it really going there!

Meantime, Katie and Bobby went for a photo session and a small refreshment, so when they entered the lounge bar where the ambiance was already in the party mood (nobody even thought about dinner yet : )) a huge round of applause and cheers was heard. Huge!

It was however time to get guests going to the beautiful venue, reminder- found last minute : ) to start the reception....

The entrance again was huge! Bridal party entered to the Jay Z's Empire State of Mind, and it really got the guests going. As everyone was seated, Katie and Bobby entered and started their first dance song: Wicked Game by Chris Isaac....

Dinner was served, a mouth watering 5 course meal (I know what you're thinking- food again : ). But trust me it was all done so well, it was a perfect amount of perfect food.) before the band started playing and everyone, but literally everyone was on the dance floor. I don't remember the last time I saw 120 people dancing! all ages, all walks of life. As I said in the beginning , it was a perfect wedding.

The wedding cake was made by their friend- Bobby's sister in law and I take my hat off for it. Well done, it is not easy to make a cake for 120 people in your own home kitchen. A special credit Oscar goes to Marija for the cake, definitely!
And it was absolutely delicious, real home made treat!

After the cake, bouquet and garter were tossed and the newlyweds had a grand exit out of their wedding reception- they didn't really feel like going though : )

As I said, it was a perfect wedding. It was inspirational for me, and I hope for you too. Nothing makes me happier than planning a wedding for wonderful people, and Katie and Bobby that truly are. 
Thanks guys for entrusting us such an important role in your lives. 
We look forward to the lifelong friendship and beautiful wedding memories!

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***Photography by Sinisa Stambuk, all rights reserved