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Destination wedding trends of 2020

I rarely write such general posts but I really felt it was time to do one... Trends, what a big words, isn't it? But whether we want it or not, we follow them, some of them of course and perhaps we set some too! In weddings however, you can see same paatterns and trends taking place worldwide! So let me tell you some of them that are expecting us in 2020- and by all means do write more if you think of them or know of them :)

1.  Let's start with an official one and quite big on the chart of wedding priorities- color of the year! After last year's vivid living coal (which wasnt an easy one on floral choices let me tell you that!), this year Pantone went for- wait for it.... CLASSIC BLUE! You may find it dull for a wedding, but there is a lot you can do with this color when it comes to matching and pairing. Think gold (like in below photos of a stunning wedding we did in Dubrovnik's Art Gallery a couple of years ago), magenta or simply white. And let's not forget using it in fabrics such as groom's and his ushers' suits or even bridesmaids dresses!

Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved
 2. Sustainability- that's a tough one but definitely one we have been seen much more awareness for in the past few years. Couples are more and more thinking of the carbon footprint vendors are leaving in creating their events and usage of plastic at weddings as well as where all the food and ingredients are coming from!
Think flowers too- reusing and recycling is the way to go- many couples are asking what happens to all the decor after the lights are turned off or take the flowers from the wedding to decorate their day after venue. The truth is- many local vendors don't have proper sustainability practices in place, but the awareness is rising, make sure of that. And keep in mind that Croatia and its people value their nature above all so it's a place where environmentally friendly has always been in trend!

3. Special food stations with an accent on local and personalized- ok this has really always been a trend, more or less! But we have seen more and more couples wanting to do something different and personalize to the best extent possible so their guests recognize them in the little things throughout the wedding. A few years ago we had a bride who ate popcorn every night she'd come home from work. Of course we brought a popcorn machine to her fortress wedding (the guy who had to bring it up 200 steps wasn't so thrilled about it :D) and served popcorn in personalized carton boxes. Everyone LOVED LOVED LOVED it! Moreso, think prosciutto carving stations, local cake making station, grappas or olive oil as favors and local fish sushi  making stations. Yup, we got them all!

Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved

Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved
4. Specialty Liquor Bars- ok this is a big one! We have seen weddings where clients asked for cocktail barmen but mixology is a whole new level lately! And cigars of course- last year we did an event with Cuban theme and had a station with a uban guy rolling cigars for the guests in front of their very eyes. Pretty cool, huh? 
Proper glassware and garnishes are a must too! Most popular in our experience have shown to be whiskey and tequila bars but cocktails are still trending. Basically, whatever does it for you! And your guests, of course :)

5. Videography. Yes, the time of your uncle videoing with his shaky hands is done and so is the time where your friend film the most important moments of your life to date by their very good Iphone camera. It's become a part of any decent wedding, video that  is and the only job you have to do is find the right team to film your special day. And please don't mention those times when videographers stood with a camera in your face- yes those times are past tense as well- video teams are nowadays equipped with state of art tehnology, drones, tinies mics you can imagine and very artistic talents. So don't wait up, email us about the video options! You'll be sorry later if you don't!


6. Destination weddings in locations that are still hidden gems :)- and yes, this is where Dubrovnik and whole of Croatia comes in! Don't wait up! Email us for more info!

Photo by Mihoci studios, all rights reserved

Monday, February 4, 2019

Dubrovnik 2019 Floral Wedding Trends

Never really thought of myself as a trendsetter, in anything. Good trend follower, well that's another piece of cake that I can relate to. Am I am big fan of trends? No, not really. But in weddings, they really do come handy, especially if you're doing a destination wedding in a country you don't live or know local flowers, florists, decoraters, offers etc.
And trust me, there's a lot to know :)
I'll cover here a bit of this and a bit of that and I truly hope you find it useful like my Brides do :)

So let's start with flowers!
  • LOCAL FLOWERS- LAVENDER PLEASE! We get so many Dubrovnik brides asking about local flowers and seasonal local offer. Do keep in mind that absolutely all Dubrovnik florists get their flowers from Netherlands and store them locally. Croatia doesn't have a standard flower farm as such so we don't really grow local flowers in bulk. Many of you will think lavender is a way to go but it blooms for such a short period (count June and that's about it!) so for the rest of the year it would have to be dried (read: flying around everywhere!) and preserved. May be a good option for table centerpieces but wouldn't recommend it dried for a bridal bouquet or God forbid confetti- you will be getting rid of dried lavender from your hair for days to come :)
Charming Mljet island wedding of Rachael and Rob, photo by Katija Zivkovic. 

Crona's bridal bouquet made purely of fresh lavender. End of June was ideal for this idea!

Isabel's Dubrovnik October wedding and her desire of having lavender on wedding tables made us dry it- it was still amazing!
  • BOHO CHIC STYLE - oh the boho style, that pleasant laid back floral design that is actually anything but laid back as you will learn while talking to your Dubrovnik wedding florist. Playful texture and colors, garden roses and greenery, free spirit and barefoot newlyweds. That would be a pure definition though you are allowed to wear sandals. Honestly, I don't see many Dubrovnik wedding venues that fit this style, but some that come to my mind are located on islands, surrounded by pine trees and everlasting sound of crickets, where you enjoy the sunset with the feet in the sea while sipping a glass of your wedding signature cocktail. Keep in mind this relaxed style can turn out to be quite pricey as it requires a lot of flowers to get the look and usually pricey flowers too (read Dave Austin roses, peonies, hydrangeas etc). But is it beautiful? Oh my God- stunning!
Boho, elegant and luxurious. This is it! Photo by Mihoci Studios.

Photo by Mihoci Studios.

Combination of pastels and candles, the most romantic boho style of all!

One of the most playful bouquets we have had. More rustic than boho, but oh so chic!

  • GREEENERY- now that's a trend that's been here for a couple of years and we're not seeing it fading out any time soon. Why is that, you ask? Well, being simple, cost effective and luxurious at once for one! Easily accessible, ideal for long tables that are oh so trendy and we are so in love with, greenery oriented centerpieces are one of the favorites among our brides lately. You can do so much with greenery, it is incredible- from falling centerpieces to grand chandeliers. And if you incorporate a flower here and there and add romance to the rustic chic style, you got yourself a winner! And don't forget a truck load of candles!
Photo by DT Studio

Photo by DT Studio

Photo by Katija Zivkovic

Photo by Katija Zivkovic
  • LIGHTS OF ALL KINDS - different kind of lighting has become a major part of most of our clients decor planning and it suits pretty much all venues if chosen right. For a romantic feel, there are fairy lights around the trees. For rustic style there are string lights (festoons) that add that country feel touch. Then there are hanging Chinese paper lanterns - a wedding decor evergreen already. Let's not forget ambiental lighting some venues can do without and some can't. Do ask your wedding planner on the opinion on that, it can make a world of a difference. And finally, the grand crystal chandeliers, decorative pieces that will make any venue look like a million dollars. If they are your style. But done in a right way, they're everyone's style, trust me ;)
Villa Rose, Photo by DT Studio. Lanterns and festoons, two in one :)

Lanterms and festoons, Villa Rose. Photo by DT Studio

Photo by Thierry Joubert. Lovrijenac venue. The Red Fort of Game of Thrones, if you are into GOT weddings :)

Villa Sheherezada. Ana and Tom's wedding one beautiful June evening. Lighting was so important here.

A venue that without these lights looks nowhere near this chic and cool. The red light and festoons have made all the difference in creating the ambiance this fab Indian night.

St Lawrence fort, one of a kind venue that can be transformed into everything. I especially loved chandeliers on this wedding to break the air between the medieval stone and starry skies of Dubrovnik. Photo by MIhoci studios.

If done properly, combining lights can work really well. Milan and Kreena's wedding reception was a true proof of that!

Fadi during his dancing sesson in Villa Sheherezada. His bride Karell and I organized the tree fairy lights literally a couple of hours before the reception start. The lighting guy wasnt too happy about it, but we did it :)
Photo by Mihoci Studios

Island venues work especially well for lanterns and fairy lights.... Romance at its best....
Lights can be madly photogenic! Photo by DT Studio, Villa Rose island of Kolocep.
  • BEING YOURSELF- as you can see, trends are not really my thing. Most of these photos are actually from the past 10 years randomly, so it doesn't really matter what's in trend, what matters is what's a reflection of you. Personalization will always be in trend. Don't forget that. Stay true to yourself and you will enjoy everything you design for your most special Dubrovnik destination wedding. 
Photo by Katija Zivkovic

Photo by Mihoci studios
So we come to an end of this mini topic. It's actually huge, but as long as you stick to what you love and enjoy, you'll be just fine, be it in trend or no.
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Happy Planning!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Top 10 Frequently Forgotten Wedding Expenses

Photo by Thierry Joubert
Let's face it- we all want to make sure we get the best value for the money. Be it in home decor, shoe shopping or wedding planning.
When it comes to wedding budgeting, all of us, including us as wedding planners, first think of the big items- food and beverage, wedding administration costs, music, photo and video and similar big items. But we also all know the devil is in the detail :)
Here are the most commonly forgotten wedding costs, and honestly- most of you will have most of these, so be prepared and don't say I didn't tell you :)
Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved
1. BEAUTY TREATMENTS- yes, you're thinking of your own hair and makeup, maybe even same for your bridesmaids, but did you forget your mum or even worse- your mother in law to be? Make no mistake, in my experience, in 99% of the cases they expect to be a part of the bridal party. But these are not the only costs I am referring to- how about spray tan? Manicure and pedicure? A massage to relax the day before the wedding? When you're planning a wedding in initial stages these seem needless, but I assure you in a lot of occasions at least some of these will be booked in final stages of your wedding planning.

Photo by Fotoadria, all rights reserved

Photo by Svadbas photography, all rights reserved
2. OUTFITS FOR THE DAY BEFORE AND DAY AFTER EVENTS- of course her Majesty Wedding Dress holds a pedestal, but have you forgotten you will be a Bride on all of these events? I suggest you go with white on all of the events, after all you are the Bride! A cocktail dress for the night before and a casual beach dress for the brunch/BBQ day after. Don't go overboard, but do plan on this cost. And don't forget the shoes!

Photo by Fotoadria, all rights reserved

Photo by Svadbas Photography, all rights reserved

Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved
3. WEDDING STATIONERY (not thinking of invites here! :)- when you think of paper stuff needed for your wedding, invites first come to mind along with maybe save the date cards and RSVPs. Though technology has taken over a lot of wedding segments and more and more couples are opting for wedding websites and wedding apps, I do have a feeling stationery will never go out of fashion. Especially the non planned items such as place cards, seating plans, welcome signs, menus and different signs you want to place throughout the wedding in the same theme. I suggest you use the same designer for all of your planned stationery and I suggest s/he does it all! This is one of the prettiest personalization wedding segments and it is definitely noticeable, I can assure you of this. Then simply email it to your planner for print locally or have it printed at home if you want to make sure the print and paper is exactly what you had in mind.

Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved
4. CEREMONY SOUND SYSTEM- yes, your planner booked a lovely string duo to play for your charming garden wedding in Dubrovnik. You love the fact there is a hushing sound of the waves in the background too. And the humming sound of the trees, with a few birds singing only for you. If you have over 30 people I strongly suggest you rent the PA for the outdoor wedding ceremonies. Yes, the officiate is likely to be loud enough, but do you really want to yell out your vows while so gracious and elegant, on the most special moment in your life? And your cousin who you selected to do a reading is not all that open to public speaking and without a mic is probably going to be heard solely by the two of you. Take my advice, those couple of hundred Euros will be well worth it, I guarantee you that!

Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved

5. HOTEL ROOM FOR THE NIGHT BEFORE- you are so proud of yourself as you are so well organized- you booked your hotel for your wedding, before the wedding and honeymoon too months in advance. Did you think about the fact that you and your soon to be husband will want to spend the night before the wedding separately and that it makes sense he stays in the accommodation that is booked for the wedding week while you book a room in a hotel where you'll be getting ready in to make things easier on yourself? You didn't? No worries, most brides don't. Book this room now, and don't forget to ask from your wedding planner to put a note in the reservation system not to move you from this room or to have a late check out. Details like this can save the day, trust me on this one!

6. FEEDING YOUR VENDORS- being one of those vendors myself, I am obviously subjective when it comes to this subject. Providing a small meal that rarely costs more than 20€ per person in most venues is a token of appreciation for the wedding staff that spent most of their day with you. And yes, they are working and getting paid, but supplying them with a small meal is the least you can do. I assure you it goes a long way! 
P.S. Don't raise the subject of covering a meal for the band or the DJ, these guys are setting up in the direct sun in the peak of the summer since early afternoon and doing sound checks and most of the time take a shower in the hotel changing rooms. Do feed them, you don't want hungry /read cranky/ vendors at your wedding, do you? :)

7. GIFTS FOR YOUR PARENTS- you think you thought of everything? There's always something left, I guarantee you that :). Of all the items ever in wedding planning, I would say this one gets forgotten the most. Only God knows how many times I called our florist to create two bouquets for mothers in less than 10 minutes as the speech is starting and this little detail went forgotten. I even had cases where the couple had presents for parents but never gave them out during the speech and left them in reception room under the table. Housekeepers found some lovely gifts ;)
To keep it short- DO NOT forget your parents. Yes, they are happiest for you on that day and they don't need a present but a small memorabilia from this most special day will be more than welcome. And do go with something more lasting than flowers. Ask your wedding planner for local present ideas, I have no doubts they will be happy to help!

Photo by FotoAdria
8. BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DRINKS FOR YOUR WEDDING PARTY- you'd be surprised at the importance of this. I refer to the above in feeding vendors, same goes with bridal party- have them fed and well hydrated, sparked up with some champagne or prosecco at least. It's a morning you will never forget, make it memorable for your ladies of honor too, it's your choice they are there with you, don't have them running to the bakery minutes before ceremony. I have seen it happen and nobody's happy. And it's so easily prevented! If you're in a hotel, email in advance so it's one thing less to think on the wedding day, and order some fruit platters and non bloating breakfast items in the morning (eggs and bacon work too!) with some fizz and about 1 hour before the time you put the dress on order some fries, they wont bloat you but will comfort you when you will need it. And everyone else around you too: )

Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved
9. EXTRA DECOR- nobody plans for this from the beginning. Not because it is omitted on purpose but because the extra decor such as lighting, balloons, charger plates, chandeliers,  different chairs than what the venue has, festoons over the dance floor, lanterns dotted around the venue, fairy lights around the trees and similar items are something that is added once the whole concept of the wedding is finalized. And trust me, it can be a significant cost. I suggest you plan on extra money for decor just in case. It is quite likely you will have one of these beautiful mood setters. And if you ask me- they're worth every penny!

Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved

Photo by DT Studio

Photo by DT Studio

Photo by Yann Audic.

10. INCLUDING YOURSELF IN THE FINAL HEAD COUNT- it is utterly unbelievable  how many couples (including me at the time of my wedding!) forget to count themselves in the final head count. It adds up easily trust me, a canape here, a glass of champagne there....
My suggestion- put yourselves first in all of the lists. As a positive RSVP of course :)

Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved

That's it folks! I am sure there is more, but these are in my 12 year long experience 10 items most often forgotten to be planned for. And the costs do add up, we all know that. What we also know is that it's not about the cost but the feeling, the emotion and the memory. 
Still, it feels good not to save on your honeymoon because you forget items 3,7 and 9 :)

Happy Planning!

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