Monday, July 24, 2017

Spring wedding in Dubrovnik- Rollo & Sooz and their beautiful Dubrovnik wedding story

I have had so much fun every time I met these two. Rollo and Sooz are two beautiful and kind party people that have so much style, I couldn't wait to see their wedding day unfold.
We absolutely clicked from day one to the wine tasting day almost a year and a half afterwards. And had so much fun along the way that even I would want to do it all over again :)
So here it is....

This was one of the weddings where both Bride and Groom were equally involved and created this beautiful wedding story together, as life and marriage are all about that.
A couple of days before the wedding couple organized a meet and greet party in Dubrovnik's must visit- La Bodega wine bar in the heart of the old town. This was a very smart move as it meant people won't overdo it the day before and will have another couple of days to unwind from a very good party.
The day before the wedding guests gathered in Dubrovnik's famous Banje Beach bar during the day, leaving the evening free for guests to get a good night sleep for the next day.

This wedding was so immaculately planned to the every last detail that we really didn't leave any single second to chance. But in the same time, Rollo and Sooz were perfectly relaxed and smiling all day knowing that this is it- one day that always flies by way too fast and the memories are left to cherish.

Rollo and Sooz got ready each in their villa, which were adjoined , making it easy for their bridal party to have fun with both while they don't see each other. It also made it easy for the photo and video crew to mingle in between villas making sure to capture all important moments.

When the time came, Rollo and his entourage made their way to Excelsior hotel, where the civil ceremony took place. Only a few minutes afterwards, the bridal party was ready to take Sooz to marry the man of her dreams. As a wedding planner, I can tell you the atmosphere was not even close to what it is usually like that time of the day- adrenaline, nerves and excitement are on their peek and if there is a time of the day I can tell you will be most stressful, this is it. Well, definitely not in this bridal party!
While guests gathered in the Palm terrace, they were offered water cocktails to keep them fresh and hydrated and in the meantime, Sooz entered in her Mercedes black Limo in stlyle and made her way.

And then it was that moment, as you know- my fav moment of any wedding. Bridal entrance. Sooz was taken down the aisle by her mother and I just know Rollo's heart skipped a beat when he saw his Bride. The ceremony, though civil and quite formal in shape, was so relaxed and funny with personalized readings, and moving to tears. It really was a perfect wedding ceremony. Short, sweet and absolutely personal.

After the joyful receiving line and some family photos, it was time for cocktails! Shaded with personalized parasols and with a view of the old town. This was mid May so the heats were bearable and the city was still not too crowded. My favorite time of the year! While guests enjoyed a drink or two, the couple went with Sinisa, their wedding photographer and Oliver the videographer for a photo session around Dubrovnik's  old town before the treat of the day- a boat cruise.

The boat cruise on one of our fav boats in Dubrovnik, Vedrana took about an hour and had everyone totally relaxed. Formal part of the wedding was done and everyone was ready for a party. With these two, I had no doubt this will be a party to remember.
Since the after ceremony confetti were not properly shot, we decided to do them once again on the bride and groom entrance to the boat. Needless to say, it was a perfect moment!

After the love boat fun and a few perfectly refreshing Pimms drinks, guests were taken by buses to Dubrovnik Palace hotel and its stunning Vala Beach Club for the wedding reception.
There was a line of guests taking photos. Take a look at this, no wonder....

As guests enjoyed drinks in the lovely breeze and perfect sounds of the DJ Speed and Zac the sax player created perfect ambiance, Sooz went to her room and performed an action nobody knew about.
I have been doing weddings for 12 years now, and this is the first time I have had a Bride cut her hair in between ceremony and dinner, and we're not talking about a little trim, oh no-  we are talking a full haircut. Sooz brought her friend and a hair stylist who went to school with her to do this. Believe it or not, it took him 10 minutes for a hair cut and another 5 for the hair style. I was utterly impressed! Can you imagine Rollo's face when he saw her coming down the steps, that was absolutely priceless and I regret for not having anyone take a photo of that :)

Speeches and dinner took place next, mingling, talking, laughing, just as it should be. Cake cutting was not to be done (wedding planners hate cake cutting, insider tip LOL) as it was as original as Rollo and Sooz are - a donut cake that I ate half :)

But the first dance was not to be missed, as magical as it could have been with everyone lighting a sparkler to spice up the moment.

Our stylish Bride changed from her dress to a fabulous onesie and looked and felt absolutely spectacular. The party started and there was no going back. After midnight the guests moved to the night club to continue till morning hours and these are the photos we never publish. Only Sooz looked good that time of the night :)

As I said, it was one to remember and I cannot thank enough these two amazing people for taking us along this special journey.
Stay happy!

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List of vendors:
Wedding planner: Dubrovnik Event (Ines & Marin)
Florist: Flower Design Pat Rea
Bridal party hair and makeup (bride had her own hair stylist): Hair Salon UP
Ceremony music (string quartet): Dubrovnik Music
Evening entertainment: DJ Speed and Zax the sax 
Boat cruise: Vedrana boat rentals
Ceremony venue: Hotel Excelsior
Dinner venue: Hotel Dubrovnik Palace
Photography: Sinisa Stambuk Photography
Videography: VSP video studio