Monday, February 4, 2019

Dubrovnik 2019 Floral Wedding Trends

Never really thought of myself as a trendsetter, in anything. Good trend follower, well that's another piece of cake that I can relate to. Am I am big fan of trends? No, not really. But in weddings, they really do come handy, especially if you're doing a destination wedding in a country you don't live or know local flowers, florists, decoraters, offers etc.
And trust me, there's a lot to know :)
I'll cover here a bit of this and a bit of that and I truly hope you find it useful like my Brides do :)

So let's start with flowers!
  • LOCAL FLOWERS- LAVENDER PLEASE! We get so many Dubrovnik brides asking about local flowers and seasonal local offer. Do keep in mind that absolutely all Dubrovnik florists get their flowers from Netherlands and store them locally. Croatia doesn't have a standard flower farm as such so we don't really grow local flowers in bulk. Many of you will think lavender is a way to go but it blooms for such a short period (count June and that's about it!) so for the rest of the year it would have to be dried (read: flying around everywhere!) and preserved. May be a good option for table centerpieces but wouldn't recommend it dried for a bridal bouquet or God forbid confetti- you will be getting rid of dried lavender from your hair for days to come :)
Charming Mljet island wedding of Rachael and Rob, photo by Katija Zivkovic. 

Crona's bridal bouquet made purely of fresh lavender. End of June was ideal for this idea!

Isabel's Dubrovnik October wedding and her desire of having lavender on wedding tables made us dry it- it was still amazing!
  • BOHO CHIC STYLE - oh the boho style, that pleasant laid back floral design that is actually anything but laid back as you will learn while talking to your Dubrovnik wedding florist. Playful texture and colors, garden roses and greenery, free spirit and barefoot newlyweds. That would be a pure definition though you are allowed to wear sandals. Honestly, I don't see many Dubrovnik wedding venues that fit this style, but some that come to my mind are located on islands, surrounded by pine trees and everlasting sound of crickets, where you enjoy the sunset with the feet in the sea while sipping a glass of your wedding signature cocktail. Keep in mind this relaxed style can turn out to be quite pricey as it requires a lot of flowers to get the look and usually pricey flowers too (read Dave Austin roses, peonies, hydrangeas etc). But is it beautiful? Oh my God- stunning!
Boho, elegant and luxurious. This is it! Photo by Mihoci Studios.

Photo by Mihoci Studios.

Combination of pastels and candles, the most romantic boho style of all!

One of the most playful bouquets we have had. More rustic than boho, but oh so chic!

  • GREEENERY- now that's a trend that's been here for a couple of years and we're not seeing it fading out any time soon. Why is that, you ask? Well, being simple, cost effective and luxurious at once for one! Easily accessible, ideal for long tables that are oh so trendy and we are so in love with, greenery oriented centerpieces are one of the favorites among our brides lately. You can do so much with greenery, it is incredible- from falling centerpieces to grand chandeliers. And if you incorporate a flower here and there and add romance to the rustic chic style, you got yourself a winner! And don't forget a truck load of candles!
Photo by DT Studio

Photo by DT Studio

Photo by Katija Zivkovic

Photo by Katija Zivkovic
  • LIGHTS OF ALL KINDS - different kind of lighting has become a major part of most of our clients decor planning and it suits pretty much all venues if chosen right. For a romantic feel, there are fairy lights around the trees. For rustic style there are string lights (festoons) that add that country feel touch. Then there are hanging Chinese paper lanterns - a wedding decor evergreen already. Let's not forget ambiental lighting some venues can do without and some can't. Do ask your wedding planner on the opinion on that, it can make a world of a difference. And finally, the grand crystal chandeliers, decorative pieces that will make any venue look like a million dollars. If they are your style. But done in a right way, they're everyone's style, trust me ;)
Villa Rose, Photo by DT Studio. Lanterns and festoons, two in one :)

Lanterms and festoons, Villa Rose. Photo by DT Studio

Photo by Thierry Joubert. Lovrijenac venue. The Red Fort of Game of Thrones, if you are into GOT weddings :)

Villa Sheherezada. Ana and Tom's wedding one beautiful June evening. Lighting was so important here.

A venue that without these lights looks nowhere near this chic and cool. The red light and festoons have made all the difference in creating the ambiance this fab Indian night.

St Lawrence fort, one of a kind venue that can be transformed into everything. I especially loved chandeliers on this wedding to break the air between the medieval stone and starry skies of Dubrovnik. Photo by MIhoci studios.

If done properly, combining lights can work really well. Milan and Kreena's wedding reception was a true proof of that!

Fadi during his dancing sesson in Villa Sheherezada. His bride Karell and I organized the tree fairy lights literally a couple of hours before the reception start. The lighting guy wasnt too happy about it, but we did it :)
Photo by Mihoci Studios

Island venues work especially well for lanterns and fairy lights.... Romance at its best....
Lights can be madly photogenic! Photo by DT Studio, Villa Rose island of Kolocep.
  • BEING YOURSELF- as you can see, trends are not really my thing. Most of these photos are actually from the past 10 years randomly, so it doesn't really matter what's in trend, what matters is what's a reflection of you. Personalization will always be in trend. Don't forget that. Stay true to yourself and you will enjoy everything you design for your most special Dubrovnik destination wedding. 
Photo by Katija Zivkovic

Photo by Mihoci studios
So we come to an end of this mini topic. It's actually huge, but as long as you stick to what you love and enjoy, you'll be just fine, be it in trend or no.
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Happy Planning!


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