Monday, November 3, 2014

Dubrovnik Event Weddings Slideshow of 2014

And another season is over. A Bride asked me the other day am I feeling sad or relieved.... And while both of these capture somewhat my emotions, the wedding season of 2014 left so many more feelings in me. Like all of them before this one, it made me honored of being the Chosen one by our clients. It made me happy for making them happy. It made me proud of the incredible team I have to make those miraculous special days....

Here is a small wrap up in photos of the fun we had!

First wedding of this season took place in April, in a private villa overlooking old town. Martina and Jonathan were a perfect start of the year :). Just love this photo of the bridal getting ready....

Jane and Gareth- just married. Palm terrace of hotel Excelsior on this beautiful May day was simply stunning, just like the two of them....
Definitely one of the most amazing moments of any wedding. Bride heading to church with her father. 
Just before Michaela's bridal entrance. Never forget to laugh as much as you can on your wedding day. These are the happiest times!
I love spontaneous photos at weddings. But sometimes planned photos are just as cool :)
Wedding selfie :)
Our Queen- Lenka :). Recognize the Throne?
When you're more than a wedding planner. Priceless....
1st kiss. Desription not needed :)
Happy. Two very special people. Eva & Kieran....
What Colm told Emma Louise when she walked down the aisle to marry him will always be their secret and a memory of the most amazing moment in their lives....
One of my fav things to do is observe the bride when her new husband is holding a speech about her. Amazing...
Just married!
Gotta love kids at weddings!
One of my favorite photos of all times of the groom just before he sees her bride. 

There's a reason why we suggest some things to be done out of the usual way. Photos are just incredible!
The only group photo ever with Marin and me. Petula and Don, what more shall we say :)?
Their look :)
Mum and daughter.... Special moments and a very special picture...
Island of Mljet wedding. We rarely do them but when we do it is done with extreme passion, pleasure and for some truly special people.... Ceylin and Robert, clients before, friends today.
Our big fat Lebanese wedding. Such amazing  days, we will absolutely never forget them. Nina and Anwar KNOW how to make one hell of a wedding party week :)
Island of Lokrum BBQ. Olive trees, blankets, freshly made sandwiches , sun and sea. What more can you ask for?  :)
THE dress!

Lovrijenac fortress Indian wedding of Monna and Arwind. A spectacular wedding indeed. 
Shelina, our beautiful Indian Bride. Another incredbile 3 day festivity wedding.
This was the day Dubrovnik was literally flooded with rain and storms. The Wedding of Gary and Marie went beautifully, thanks to their great attitude, professional improvisation of their wedding planners and of course, a bit of luck and no rain in most important moments :)
There's something very special in elopement weddings... Heather and Jayme came to Dubrovnik all the way from Washington DC and tied the knot in this incredible location...
Dubrovnik Excelsior Palm terrace. Wedding bestseller. Here's why...
I finish this Dubrovnik Wedding blog post with a photo from a wedding in Cavtat, to show you Dubrovnik really has it all. 
This was like a memory lane walk for me, bringing out smiles and amazing memories of some amazing people. Once again thank you so much for your trust.
We love what we do because of you.

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Ines :)


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