Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Beautiful wedding story of Nicky & Steve, married in Dubrovnik, June 25th 2011

You know how we sometimes meet people who have so much in common as we do? That happened with Nicky and Steve and the two of us at Dubrovnik Event. The way they were relaxed about the whole wedding, or at leats so it seemed and felt : ), the way they behaved and looked at the wedding, it all felt right and just as we did when we got married, back in 2008 (I have to tell you one day about that as well, I know...!).
It was an absolute pleasure being there for them and I am sure our paths will cross again.

So I just knew it will be a beautiful wedding. I feel honored to present you their story, in their own words....

(photography by Sinisa Stambuk, )

Not speaking a word of Croatian and having no knowledge of the legalities or practicalities of getting married in Croatia, we decided that the help of a wedding planner was essential and after lots of research on the Internet, we decided to contact Ines at Dubrovnik Event.

After the exchange of 1 or 2 e-mails, Ines and I were soon chatting on the telephone about our vision for the big day and I knew immediately that we were in safe hands.  Ines’ replies to my e-mails were always prompt and detailed; professional yet always friendly and fun. I never felt that anything was a problem, even when I changed my mind (often!) about various aspects of our big day.

When we met Ines a few months later in Dubrovnik to visit a few venues, we felt like she was already a friend of ours.  We could relate to her well as we too have our own company and we know what it is like to be part of a husband and wife team – she was amazing and we immediately felt relaxed about the wedding.  After visiting the magnificent Sponza Palace and appreciating the dramatic setting of the Vala Beach Club, we knew we had picked the perfect destination and put our trust in the perfect people.

The next 8 months flew by and before long we were back in Dubrovnik, enjoying a cold beer with Ines and Marin in the Dubrovnik Palace going over a few details before the big day.  Ines had arranged for us to sample a few of the dishes on the wedding menu, which was great.  The restaurant was closed to the public and we were looked after by the staff so well – even the chef came over between each course to tell us about the dishes – we felt like royalty!

The big day finally arrived and with it a strong wind in Dubrovnik…  Needless to say, I panicked, worrying that the boat trip would be cancelled and that it would be too windy for the outside venue of the Vala Beach Club.  Ines replied promptly to my (numerous!) texts and reassured me that that they would make any necessary arrangements if the wind was too strong.  She told me to concentrate on enjoying my day and that it was their job to sort out any problems, not mine.  Just knowing that she was there on the end of the phone made me feel at ease and I began to enjoy my wedding day.  The hairdresser and manicurist were the best I have ever experienced and the photographer was superb.  Sinisa (the photographer) was with us all day until the early hours of the morning – he worked so hard to get great pictures and he certainly achieved that – our wedding album is amazing!  Nobody can believe how great the photos are and how many great photos we have from the day – he is a talented man!    Our flowers were beautiful too and were even nicer than I could have imagined.

Ines even popped over to the villa a few hours before the wedding to say hello and make sure everything was going smoothly, which I appreciated.

Walking into the Sponza Palace with my Mum and Dad is a memory I will cherish forever.  The decorations were so simple, yet elegant and seeing all of our friends and family there was truly unforgettable.  When I saw Steve smiling at me from the other side of the room, I couldn’t wait to be by his side and get married!  I don’t think we stopped smiling all day!  The ceremony and musicians were perfect – Ines had arranged everything as we had asked, from the songs played by the musicians, to the Champagne on chill for after the ceremony.

Luckily, the wind did not affect our plans for the boat trip and we will always remember the people clapping and throwing confetti as we made our way as husband and wife along the harbour to the boat.  The boat trip was 60 minutes of great music, dancing, laughter and sunshine – nobody could believe that we had included it as part of the wedding – definitely a favourite part of the day for many of our guests. 

The wind had made the water choppy and so we could not dock at the Dubrovnik Palace as planned, but had to dock further away.  Ines and Marin had arranged for a coach to pick us up from the boat and to take us to  the Dubrovnik Palace – nobody even noticed the change of plan and everyone said how much fun they had singing on the bus on the way to the reception!  Needless to say, it is still a talking point with our friends!  A flawless service from Ines and Marin.
Our guests were speechless when they saw the venue for our reception.  The Vala certainly has a wow factor on a normal day, but when it is decorated beautifully, when the sun is setting and the band is playing, it is out of this world.  We still look at the photos and can’t believe how beautiful the reception actually was.  The staff were second to none and very attentive – even when some of our friends decided to dance in the pool in their evening dresses, the staff were there, topping up their glasses and offered them fluffy towels when they decided to get out!  A brilliant memory for us!

Ines and Marin were with us throughout the day and made sure everything went smoothly.  Our guests couldn’t compliment them enough and they still talk about the wedding every time we see them, insisting it was the best wedding they have ever been to!
It really was a fairy-tale day and we cannot thank Ines and Marin enough for their hard work, patience and passion.  We’re planning to visit Dubrovnik next year for our anniversary and meet up with Ines and Marin, or hopefully they will come and see us in the mountains for a snowboarding holiday - either way, I know our paths will cross again in the not too distant future! X

Well, Nicky and Steve, it has been an honor, a pleasure and a privilege being on your side on this great road. I have enjoyed planning your wedding, sharing your special moments with you on the Day and I still really enjoy your wedding photos.
thank you so much for your trust....
Ines & Marin

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