Thursday, June 23, 2011

Totally in love- Wedding story of Joelle and Barry

I never met Joelle and Barry before their wedding week, we never even spoke on the phone (which was funny as I spoke to most of their guests on the phone arranging their accommodation so they always say they knew that way I really excited :))- we were just so laid back with each other that it felt like we were friends all the way through the process of a 1-year long wedding planning what in the end was a true fairy tale and the two of them indeed like a Price and and Princess as you will witness yourselves in the pictures to come. The two of them are one of those couples that you see immediately they are endlessly in love so the amount of emotions and happiness that took place that day was enormous.

On the morning of their wedding the sun was shining and despite not so good weather forecast for that day we all had more than good faith. Joelle sent me a text message in the morning that said simply: "I am so excited!" and it made me smile. It still does :)
Her friends helped her with her hair and makeup and she truly did look like a Princess. The color scheme of the wedding was pink and it was present in each segment of the day.

Barry on the other hand had a beautifully calm spirit however you could tell he was a bit nervous which I found amazingy cute- it was only natural to be nervous on your wedding day! :)
He looked very smart and by the time he was ready, all of the guest were already on the coach from the hotel they were all staying in towards the Old Town.

Barry waited for Joelle a bit more than expected at the altar as the traffic jam made it impossible for her to arrive in time so she was traditionally fashionable late- to her own wedding. Well not a lot, but enough to say she was late :) . Barry will always say she was worthwile waiting for....
They got married in a barroque church of St Blaise in the Old Town, the church of St Blaise, Dubrovnik's Patron saint. Even more special, they were married by a family friend, a priest from Rome who married both of Barry's sisters. The ceremony and service were just so beautiful, inspiring and incredibly personal.

After the ceremony we took all guests to a closeby bar for drinks and then a surprise boat cruise to the reception venue which was such an amazing surprise and special experience for everyone!
Just before we hopped onto the boat, Joelle tossed her bouquet in medieval Old Town harbour.

Just as the sun started setting, the boat docked and the wedding party walked to the sea view Neptun terrace. Champagne was flowing and ambiance was truly fantastic while the DJ was playing popular tunes making everyone want to dance immediately. The party lasted until morning hours and the dinner was something to talk about too, I still believe guests were full till next day lunch :).

The next day we organized a casual BBQ lunch for the wedding party on the island of Lokrum. Car free, nature reserve island is more than a perfect gettaway for the after party mood. Just in time to continue the party too!

Thanks Joelle and Barry for sharing your special moments with us. It has been a beautiful journey and may you always stay so happily in love.
Oh and by the way, about that bad weather forecast calling for the thunderstorm all saturday long??? It was one of the sunniest and hottest days of the year! Now that is to be deserved in your life :))))

Happy planning Brides!

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