Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wedding planning boom in Dubrovnik!

I always wanted to write, memoires, a book, a story of some kind. and now i have a chance to write about my passion, my greatest joy in life (well apart from my 8 month old son and my beloved husband)- wedding planning in Dubrovnik.
To shortly introduce myself, I have been in the wedding planning business in Dubrovnik, Croatia for almost 7 years (wow, time flies!), on and off wedding planning but always on to a certain extent. i have been dedicated solely to wedding planning for 5 years, doing my very best to make a dream come true for Brides and Grooms worldwide, coming to celebrate their special day in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Dubrovnik Event company is owned and ran by our little family, so it indeed means a world to us and we take each and every inquiry very seriously and dedicate all our energy into making it exactly what the couple imagined. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt, but there is work for us as well as our fellow competitors wedding planners as each couple is special and different and matches a different personality of a planner too! :)
that said I would like to welcome you to my wedding planning Dubrovnik blog- I will try to give you as much insight as possible into all the little beautiful details of our weddings in our amazing city of Dubrovnik, truly a perfect backdrop for a wedding. And should you wish to get married yourself in Dubrovnik, or had a fabulous wedding celebration but wish to relive it all over and exchange your vows in Dubrovnik, please contact us at for a personalized offer and keep reading  this blog- you are in for a treat!
I hope you look forward to it as much as I DO!


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