Saturday, February 26, 2011

2012 wedding booking start

greetings from sunny Dubrovnik- again, and back to normal :)! amazingly enough, we had snow yesterday, all day long. none of it stayed, but it was falling which in these areas happens once in a decade, so it was interesting to witness to the white backyard when I woke up. This is a picture of Dubrovnik taken this morning, who would say we had a snowy day yesterday :)

Good news is that 2012 is starting to book up. We have some fabulous new locations in store for you and you can check photos at
It is time to do our annual maintenance and revision of our website so I am really looking forward to it, adding more photos, more references and making a mobile version of it.
Another great news is that there are some fantastic villas being done these days and we look forward to incorporating them into our offer. check these photos out- wouldn't you want your special wedding day in Dubrovnik to have this sort of a setting? amazing, isnt' it?
I love the excitement of a pre-season time, when spring knocks on our doors and couples from all over the words fly in to Dubrovnik to look for that special place and that special venue that will capture their heart and so to start their very special day planning, be it this year, next year or even 2013 for which we already have a great interest! I read somewhere that new trend in wedding planning , especially for destination weddings, will be last minute bookings. I must admit I haven's noticed this happening, quite the contrary, and if anything, booking start earlier than ever! Reasons for that are numerous and surely we understand that you wish your most important day of your life to be safely locked while you enjoy the perks and steps of wedding abroad wedding planning, allowing yourself time to absorb each and every detail in making sure it is just the ONE, like The One you are marrying....

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in making your dream wedding come true. we can always be reached at and feel free to skype us at dubrovnikevents, or phone at 0038598599030.

Here is to great wedding planning, be it ultra early or last minute! We look forward to it!

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