Monday, October 19, 2015

Our big fat Lebanese weddings! in Dubrovnik :)

If I could choose whose traditions to follow when it comes to weddings, I am pretty sure I would go for the Lebanese ones- the weddings we did for Lebanese couples in Dubrovnik were filled with incredible amounts of fun, beautiful people, laughter all the way and multiple events spread out over almost a week full of wedding plans.
That's exactly how I'd plan my destination wedding....

Nina's surprise of the day for her guests. exploding cake!!!! What's not to love about Lebanese weddings!!
My first Lebanese client was Nina- she came in the time when I had just given birth to Max so Marin had the honor of meeting her and showing her around. His enthusiasm about her was enough for me- I knew I had to meet her and I knew we had to have her wedding in Dubrovnik (Montenegro and Greece were other options). Four days of events, absolutely packed with personalized details and an excitement about weddings you see rarely.
Little by little, after hundreds of emails, Nina and Anwar's wedding was shaping up to an incredible story. It was definitely a wedding of the year and one that would open up a whole new market for us, the market we knew we would love! The famous AGGA wedding was on!!!

First dance of the newlyweds :)
The first Lebanese wedding we did in Dubrovnik was everything a couple and a wedding planner could imagine- welcome party in old town followed by clubbing till morning hours - after a good night sleep the party continued on the private beach club of the hotel where all the guests stayed in and an evening event on a luxurious terrace overlooking Old town with the best jazz band in the area.

Next day was one of the most fun days Dubrovnik has seen- family and elderly were taken to an island venue for lunch and a beach day, while almost 200 beautiful and fun young crowd partied on a 16th century galleon replica during the day to finish off with an island picnic in the privatized olive tree garden.

Beautiful Nina....

The boat day was so much fun that I could put 1000 photos here and you wouldn't get tired of them trust me! When the party arrived to the nature reserve island of Lokrum, it was a perfectly quiet place, under the shade of olive trees to grab a beer and a sandwich and take some rest. So beautiful, it was unreal....

It is a day to be remembered by Dubrovnik :)
Needless to say- evening was off. After all, tomorrow was to be a big day. The one we were all here for- Nina and Anwar's wedding day :)

Anwar and his entourage were getting ready in Dubrovnik Palace's presidential suite. Nina and her bridal party in the most luxurious villa of all- Villa Sheherezade... Photos speak for themselves. It was a day anyone involved will never forget....
Anwar's entrance to the villa is the coolest groom entrance I have ever seen - to the James Bond music, entering with his guys all in black tuxedos. Everyone was having goosebumps.
Then Nina's walk down the aisle with her lovely father, at the music of Godfather- there was no dry eye among 200 souls :)
Exchange of vows, with soft string quartet notes in the background, followed by delicatesse dinner buffet prepared by the best chef team in whole of town. A lively upbeat young band with a saxophone player and finally, party back at the villa with the DJ till morning hours.
Hard to beat, I tell you that.

One photographer was hired only to take photos for the AGGA newspapers we were to design, make and print during the night to be delivered to guests the next morning and given out during farewell brunch.

In these 4 days we had 7 different musicians, 4 photographers, 8 venues , 235 happy guests , and one incredible couple- Nina and Anwar.
Today, we are friends and plan to visit each other these days. This experience was one of the most amazing ones I have had since I Have been in weddings and events and it has helped me understand and bring closer these two cultures (Anwar is Egyptian :)) so much better. It has brought wedding events to a new level and new meaning. Dubrovnik became a new destination for Lebanese weddings....

A couple of months after the big AGGA wedding, I got a new inquiry for another Lebanese wedding in Dubrovnik- Noor and Samer wanted a similar scenario but with some twists.
I don't need to tell you it was a bit easier for us this time- and we had even more fun if that is possible :)
Again 3 days, 3 events and a whole lot of fun.
One of my dreams even came true on this wedding- we finally had a true, 9 piece gypsy band playing for the wedding party during wedding dinner.
Samer came to pick up his lady in style- followed by gypsies- everyone was swept off their feet with this!!!
Below is a small selection of the best moments of this beautiful wedding of these two beautiful people.

Revelin restaurant and bar- welcome party venue.

Villa Sheherezade- the most luxurious address in Dubrovnik....

Last day was a galleon boat trip followed by casual and super tasty lunch at Villa Ruza on island of Kolocep. A perfect end to a perfect weekend....

Finally, as the winter was ending this year, I got a call from a fantastically nice and warm girl- her name is Lea. Lea spoke to Nina about her wedding and learned about beautiful Dubrovnik and us at Dubrovnik Event. Lea went to school with Samer. What a small world! And I loved it.
One of the things about Lea and the man of her life, incredible guy called Talal is the fact they have never been to Dubrovnik before their wedding. They came on the day their wedding weekend started and came to their welcome dinner to see the venue for the first time. We were doing the rehearsal and viewing of their wedding venues on the morning of the wedding! How crazy and fantastic is that! The amount of trust they have put in us was amazing, and I will never forget that. It makes a special bond with the client, trust me.

And once again- 3 days, 3 events. Some items similar, a bit less people, but the fun was even greater. Is that even possible?

I think I am in love with Lebanese culture, Lebanese couples and Lebanese weddings. :)
As you can imagine, all of these three couples are true friends today. I would take them all to my house any day. That ladies and gentlemen is priceless.

Happy days!!!!!