Saturday, December 14, 2013

Why I love Christmas/Weddings :)

I never really thought about my own wedding when I was a little girl. I didn't know how my dress will look like or what flowers I will have (I loved daisies ever since I was a child so it was a natural choice for my wedding flowers too) or where it will be. All I know I always absolutely loved weddings. And Christmas. Gosh how I wanted every Saturday to be Christmas. I knew if this was the case it would grow old, but still- Christmas was my favorite part of the year (yap even more so than my birthday which I absolutely plan to celebrate every year of my life :)) and my favorite day of the year.

On the other hand- I would get so excited when we'd go at the wedding,any wedding- even today, as a wedding planner by profession, attending weddings makes me extra excited. People look at me like I've gone mad- working almost daily at weddings, attending dozens of weddings per year and still- absolutely loving weddings? There had to be something strange with me :)
Yet, it wasn't!

And it hit me just the other day.... Weddings and Christmas have so much in common.
People laughing. Families getting together. Children playing. Both bring out the best in people. For both we will go over something we wouldn't normally for someone. Happy times. Positive thoughts. Signing, dancing, carolling. Baking (Christmas) cookies and (wedding) cakes. Decorating the houses and venues. Splurging in shopping (shoes involved in both shopping sprees :)). And so much more. But it really is all about happiness and family time. And remembering what matters most in our life.

THAT is why I so love Christmas and Weddings, and both have a very special place in my heart. There is something special about the pre wedding and pre Christmas jitters, positive stress in the house and the smell of vanilla all around. Somehow I always smell vanilla in Weddings and Christmas. Candles everywhere. And love in the air. That's what it's all about.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas this year and happy planning for your Wedding, with love from your Christmas/Wedding Freak Wedding planner here at Dubrovnik Event (

Naturally, I have spread my adoration of Christmas to my son. My husband hopes I don't do the same with weddings :)


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  2. I simply loved the theme. And of course the posts.

    1. thanks so much Amy - it means a lot to me :) all the very best in 2014!

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