Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mljet Wedding- their own wedding island....

I sit here and think where to start with this blog post? From the couple who were the most amazing people you can imagine, or the island that is a national park as a whole, or maybe the venue- tiny island on the island's lake saying that the couple had their own island for the wedding? Absolutely everything about this wedding was perfect, and that makes it even more difficult to write about it.
I will leave the photos speak for that....

Islet of St Mary, tiny island on the lake of island of Mljet. There is a monastery, family owned restaurant and a park. Most amazing wedding venue one can find. A truly hidden gem.
When Nevena first emailed, her wedding vision was so clear and romantic, wanting for her guests to enjoy the time and for the two of them to promise to each other surrounded by her loved ones. With good food and wine and a natural feel. An island came as a given idea for this as it perfectly fit her wedding vision.

Nevena & Robert, a first kiss... smiling.... :)
I can't explain how excited I was to plan a wedding on island of Mljet, one of the most amazing places you will ever see in your life... The tranquility of the place, the romance of it, the magic around you are just beyond any words. I always loved island weddings and Mljet was just a dream come true, even for me as a wedding planner. So we hit it off with great ideas and plans and we made it all come to life on a bright sunny day on July 3rd 2012. There are a lot of people who will surely never forget this day...

Photo session in the nature... 
Guests were picked up by a boat from a village on peninsula of Peljesac where most of them were staying. The beginning was promising with everyone singing along and sunbathing on the decks. All the guests stayed in the hotel Odisej on Mljet and were transfered by private shuttle vans to the lake dock where the boat took them to islet of St Mary, where ceremony and reception took place.

Nevena getting ready and smiling all the way. 
Robert geting ready. Smiling most of the time but when he had to put the tie on :)
The atmosphere was just brilliant- relaxed and easygoing, and absolutely no stress in the air. Maybe it's the island's charms or just them being like that, but it was more than a pleasure being a part of this wedding.
As guests gathered on a sea side walkway for the ceremony, I took Nevena and her maid of honor to a small local fisherman's boat (which Nevena absolutely loved - it was her perfect carriage!) and when we got a cue from Marin who was with Robert and wedding guests , the motor was turned on and we slowly approached the islet, with guests cheering, applausing and taking photos. Nevena was beaming at them. It was the most amazing bridal arrival ever.

Bridal arrival. Original or what? :)
It was that time- ceremony time.... I can't really find words to describe it- there were laughs, happy tears, guests comments and more laughs and happy tears. Most casual, most natural, most beautiful wedding ceremony I have ever witnessed.

Flower girls and maid of honor walking down the aisle.... 
Nevena walking down the aisle....
Exchange of rings after exchange of vows. And don't you just love that bouquet?
After Nevena and Robert exchanged their vows (more happy tears and laughs :)), they walked together down the aisle and had their guests congratulated them. While they had a mini photo session with Sinisa the photographer around the island, guests enjoyed homemade liquors and grappas and some nice refreshing bites to keep them going. Sun was shining just for them and everyone felt like they were on another planet. Even we did :)

Photoshoot on the island.... Laughing away....

Charms of Croatia and Croatians :)
Happily married :)
Speeches were held very casually too, before, during and after the meal and it was difficult to say who was enjoying more- the Bride and Groom or their guests. The guestbook table had an empty photo frame and polaroid camera with photo props for guests to capture the fun into eternity.
It took us a whole day to decorate the venue, Nevena brought loads of fabulous decoration props, combined to our Dubrovnik Event props, there was quite some decorating to be done. I was amazed at the venue when I saw the end result of what my girls put together. It was a true venue transformation, and an incredible one too. But still staying true to itself, romantic, authentic and charming.
Kids were laughing, playing and running around the island, it was a fairytale wedding indeed.

Sweetheart table....

You cannot imagine how much fun guests had with these!

Looking at the Polaroids.... what a fantatsic keepsake...

Party time!!!
The menu was simple and local and wine was flowing, it was time for a cake cutting, first dance and the party, which continued till early morning hours. Guests were if desired taken back to the main island every hour and shuttles took them to the hotel. Even locals say it was the best wedding ever- they heard the party all night long and loved it....

Wedding cake, wine barrel style, chocolate on the inside. Beautiful and tasty. 

First dance... Their love was tangible....

Besides being utterly romantic, they are great party people too  :)

Dancing time :)

Fun fun fun....

Bouquet tossing. That is a bouquet even I wanted to catch :)

Love is in the air....
I know I didn't talk much in this blog post and excactly that's why I put more photos, as not much words could describe what a beautiful day and what a beautiful wedding that was.
So do I finish off with the venue, island or the people? Always, the people- Nevena and Robert, thank you from my heart for choosing us to be aboard this special journey with you. We will most surely never forget this wedding nor you. And it gave us an opportunity to stay on the island for the weekend, and that my friends is pure luxury in July....


Happy Planning dear Brides! Dont forget to email at for your own wedding info. It can truly be a dream come true....

With love,

Ines, your Dubrovnik wedding planner


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