Saturday, December 17, 2011

As Beautiful as Them- Stunningly beautiful wedding story of Janelle & James

I have known Alma, Janelle's mother for a few years now and when she contacted me about her daughter getting married it was all really very exciting, like a friend getting married. After I met Janelle, it got even more excited as her style and taste were right on the dot and everything I always imagined we'd do at a wedding. Her eye for detail and beauty were consistent and ever existing (and it was confirmed once I met her chosen Groom to be : )).
I truly did love everything about this wedding.

The day before the wedding guests gathered at Alma's (Bride's mother) villa at a village of Slano, close to Dubrovnik. Guests enjoyed local foods and drinks and partied till dawn, but it stopped nobody to be bright and early for the wedding.
The day was perfect- sunny, clear and hot, a dream come true for any Bride. Everything was ready.... The vows were finished, handwritten, laying softly on the night stand and waiting for its turn, next to the bridal bouquet, no less important....

The wedding party was staying at the hotel Dubrovnik Palace, where the reception was taking place. This is where James, the groom was getting ready with his family.

Janelle and her Mum, sister and maid of honor were getting ready at a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of the Dubrovnik's Old Town, the Pucic Palace, and the ceremony was to take place here too.

It was time to put on one of the day stars- the wedding gown. As I said before, all details at Janelle's and James' wedding were stunning and so was the dress. Janelle truly looked like a princess and bridesmaids suites the whole wedding theme perfectly in their chocolate color dresses with coral orange bouquets.

Guests were picked up by a coach at the hotel Palace and taken to the Old Town gates from where they strolled down the streets to the Pucic Palace hotel's roof terrace, where the ceremony was to take place in front of a small chapel.
James and the immediate families stood at the beginning of the aisle as the processional honored the whole families.
But everyone's breath was taken away as Janelle appeared at the end of the aisle, escorted by her mother and her Grandmother. Music went silent, the bell rang and the Bride walked in....

Ceremony was opened by a prayer held by James's mother and guests enjoyed a beautiful yet charming ceremony that took just the right amount of time, neither too short or too long! Guests were refreshed by water cocktails spiced with lime, mint and strawberry. It was a perfect combination on a hot summer's day.

Janelle & James exchanged their vows, there were tears and laughter, memories and glances. All down one road, their future together....

After the ceremony the Bride and Groom and bridal party went for a photo shoot while guests were taken to the hotel Dubrovnik Palace, where they were welcomed by signature cocktails, leading one being the Blushing Bride a fantastic combination of champagne and strawberry puree. A must try! Upon entrance of the beach club, baskets with pashminas were on disposal for the ladies to get cozy and a basket of beach flip flops for all to relieve of the formal wear and enjoy the sun, sea and beach wedding style.

By the time Janelle and James arrived to the reception location, a private VIP Beach Club of Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, guests were enjoying luxury canapes and signature cocktails, as the sun was setting over the sea view horizon. If you were there, you know you thought it was a bit unreal as beautiful as it was....
Janelle and James walked into the beach club at the tunes of Love is in the Air, with guests dancing and singing as they welcomed them.

Attention to detail was superb and I truly believe this venue was specially accentuated with the colors used in this wedding- coral orange and chocolate brown, perfectly complimenting the blue of the sea and the whiteness of the rocks in the background.

Just as everyone was seated, one of the greatest surprises were introduced by Mike, Janelle's uncle and a great person- authentic and traditional Dubrovnik area dance called Lindjo, performed by friends of the family, to everyone's amazement- welcomed by a loud round of applause and cheers!

Sun set over the bay and dinner was served, a perfect combination of local and international, formal and informal, all in style and perfectly tasteful.
The cake was brought in as waiters proceeded to it in a line holding champagne sparklers brought to each table as it was time to say an official toast, present the cake and dance the most romantic of all dances- the 1st dance....

Soon everyone followed and the DJ hit it right in the spot, the dance floor was full all night long... It was a great crowd and you could simply tell everyone had so much fun.

Full of details, beautiful touches and amazing people, the wedding was full of surprises too! Janelle wanted to offer her guests a unique way of finalizing the evening, and since the sky lanterns are not an option in Dubrovnik unfortunately due to the fire hazards, we performed a balloon ceremony- white, helium filled ballons, with small led lights inside were made for each of their guests who on the count of 3 all in the same time let go of their balloons while making a wish for the happy couple. This was definitely my favorite part of the wedding and it truly was very unique and memorable to all her guests.

For most guests this was the end of surprises, but one was left, a special one from Janelle to James- the Bride organized a whiskey and cigar lounge for her Groom, for what he was more than thrilled about! After the balloon ceremony, the ladies danced into the night and the guys moved to the chill out area enjoying highest quality whiskey and cigars.

It was a wedding to remember, I tell you that....
Thank you so much Janelle and James for honoring us and sharing your special moments with us. We wish you only the best in life....

Dubrovnik Event Team


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