Friday, August 26, 2011

Dubrovnik Wedding story of Anne and Thorbjorn

I have a confession to make - nothing makes me happier in my work than a well organized Bride- every wedding planner will tell you that and Anne truly was a wedding planner's dream come true. Besides being amazing people, Anne and Thorbjorn were a fantastic couple to work with and a usually complex 3 day event we planned with ease and enjoyment.

The day before the wedding day we organized a rehearsal dinner at a most exclusive restaurant in Croatia- Gil's Cuisine and Pop Lounge ( ) for family where everyone got off to a great start and enjoyed Dubrovnik city walls with a French twist. I can definitely say it was a perfect start of the wedding celebrations.

The morning of the wedding you could feel that special sort of adrenaline that you feel in all weddings- all guests were staying at the Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik  ( ) and so were both Bride and Groom get ready there.

Thorbjorn was the first one at a photo shoot of getting ready while Anne was being pampered by our team of beauticians early in the morning- ceremony was scheduled at 11am as by Filipino tradition and custom a couple is to get married before noon for good luck in their marriage.

So there was a lot to be done before noon that day! :)

After Thorbjorn left to the church with the guys and his family, it was time to wrap up the getting ready at the Bridal Suite and put on the dress! one of the most exciting moments of any Bride's life!

And of course, the shoes!

Flowers arrived shortly afterwards and just fresh in time to leave to the church. Anne was escorted by her closest family, her sister who was her maid of honor, and her parents whom I will always have in a very special memory as truly beautiful persons.

The wedding party waited anxiously at the most amazing of all Dubrovnik churches- St Ignatius church located at the top of the Old Town, standing tall and distinctive. Anne and her family arrived a bit late, as a Bride should be and by that time I think Thorbjorn was more than ready to exchange the vows- no matter how strong they are, it is never easy for the Grooms to wait for their loved ones at the altar, that definitely is a large burden!

Before Anne and her father entered, the processional was started by the entrance of her Mother and Thorbjorn's father which I really liked and wish I did something like that in my own wedding!
Mr Landry handed over his daughter to her soon husband to be and the ceremony was about to start.

It was a beautiful combination of a Croatian catholic service with traditions implemented from Philippines. Gifts were brought by both families to the altar and individual unity candles were lit by the witnesses- maid of honor and the best man.

After the ceremony and the group and formal shots Anne and Thorbjorn went for a photo session with Veronica ( ) around Old Town while their guests were taken to a closeby viewpoint bar overlooking the Dubrovnik's Old Town harbour and shaded under hundreds of years old tree.

Our wedding couple soon joined their guests for an early day champagne cocktail, light yet luxurius canape snack and an official toast and wedding cake cutting.

Shortly after we enjoyed by far one of most delicious wedding cakes I have ever tasted (berry cheesecake- cant go wrong with that in Dubrovnik summer heats!) the wedding party was escorted for a boat ride around Dubrovnik's city walls and island of Lokrum for a couple of hours.

After the boat ride guests had just what their needed after a busy yet stunning morning itinerary- an afternoon break! they were collected later in the early evening to join for a cocktail and dinner to be held at the Grand Villa Argentina ( ) Victoria restaurant and lounge bar.

I am not sure if I told you that this is my husband's favorite wedding location and once again they have justified our and clients trust- food was spectacular and service impeccable. We changed set up a couple of times very last minute and the hotel staff was nothing but helpful- a true 5 star experience! This way we wish to extend our gratitude to the F/B staff on our as well as Client's behalf.

After a couple of drinks, and some seriously amazing apetizers wedding party slowly moved upstairs as we were welcomed by some drops of rain. Quite surprising for that time of the year (wedding took place on 02/07/2011) but it can happen. Both in Croatian and Filipino traditions rain means good luck for the couple and a long and wealthy life.

Dinner was set up outside , classy and elegant- each guest was treated with a small botlle of homemade Croatian virgin olive oil and a luggage tag.

The whole wedding day was magical indeed- it lasted all day long and all guests truly enjoyed it (even the little ones who had 2 child supervisors who played with them all night long), I can tell you surely, I have been on quite a few weddings  myself :)

Dinner was superb and speeches just the right length.
Flowers reflected elegance, simplicity and class the couple had in themselves and the band made the perfect ambiance.

First dance was held under the stars as the rain stopped falling, can it get more romantic than that?

Just as Anne and Thorbjorn put it the next morning we met with them before they flew out of Dubrovnik for their honeymoon- they wouldn't change a thing. And that is all I ever want to hear...

Thank you Anne and Thorbjorn for all your trust you have put in me, thank you for your invaluable spreadsheets and most of all thank you for your friendship.
I look forward to meeting you again in Dubrovnik for your anniversaries to come and wish you all the very best life can bring you!

 Happy planning!

For your personalized wedding offer please email me at , or call me at +385 91 4599 030 any time!
I look forward to making your dreams come true....


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